Extracts "The Life and Work of the Great Master Jesus "

The author of this impressive book, the writer Ernesto Baron, gives us a detailed approach to the life and work of Jesus Christ from his birth until his death and resurrection…


“When the faithful say that Christ is the Saviour of the world, it is an unquestionable reality that we all feel through the example of love and sacrifice that this great Being gave to humanity and through his great Christic work.”

“Through the science of the heart, if we study in minute detail the life and work of Jesus Christ both as man and Son of God, we will discover that it is essentially sustained by a Cosmic Drama. This drama is a universal event found in all highly advanced worlds...”

“This process is announced by the Angel Gabriel. The Angel Gabriel is none other than the regent of the moon, symbol of maternity. The angel of birth is also the one who announced the Hindu Avatar Krishna and revealed to Mohammed that he would attain the culmination of his work on Mount Sura.”

“Christ, as the Easter Lamb-Aries who takes away the sins of the world, is the magnificence of the purifying and illuminating fire. He is the power of the Holy Ghost that intensely vibrates with the energies of Enoch.”

“Seeing this not only from the point of view of history and popular faith, we will verify that Judas-matter continuously sells the Christ. This also occurs in humanity both on an individual and collective level. The materialistic world, devoid of religiosity, trades the Christ in every moment, selling and reselling Him and through a lack of faith and devotion betrays Him without regret.”

“During the Master’s arrest, Pontius Pilate wanted to help, he spoke to Him and questioned Him but Jesus Christ remained silent throughout the interrogation, this means that the mind can have good concepts, it can help, collaborate, etc. however, despite its good intentions it will never be able to understand the language of the synthesis, the Christic language.”

“The death and resurrection of the Great Rabbi of Galilee marked the beginning of the new Christian era and the strengthening of an immovable faith which has lasted for two thousand years until nowadays.”