Google Brasil must compensate the writer Ernesto Baron

Márcio de Castro, the judge of the Civil Court of the district of Goiania, has sentenced Google Brazil Internet LTDA to pay R$30,000 to the writer Ernesto Barón Ligerón for keeping 6 pages active on the internet with offensive content, even after being informed by the injured party.

According to the magistrate, offences of moral damage via the internet are judged where there are major repercussions. In this case, the injured party thought that it occurred in Goiania and since the defendant did not express otherwise, as is their right, the case remained in the tribunal of the capital.

For the magistrate, as it is a new development within the legal framework, it is necessary to apply the jurisprudence of the High Court of Law (STJ), whereby the service provider on being informed of any illegal content, must act forcefully and remove the published material immediately. Furthermore, by offering a service that allows users to post comments freely, it must provide the means to identify these users, limiting anonymity as much as possible.