Extracts “Psycho-Biological Chess”

This book of the psychology of self-knowledge is of great help especially in those moments when the circumstances of life make us unsure which direction to take.


 “In the pharaonic Egypt of Ramses II and Nefertari as well as in Persia, India, dynastic China, Atlantean Greece… much importance was given to chess.”

“Chess symbolises the game of life or the board of existence, it shows us the duality of everything that exists, and it is a perfect indicator that points to the path which we are going to choose.”

“Whilst humanity does not enter totally onto the path of the revolution of the consciousness, we will always be pieces managed by invisible forces, some used by the positive and others for the accomplishment of the negative.”

 “Within the great law the freewill of the individual is respected and precisely for this reason everyone makes their own decisions and chooses their own behaviour. It is normal that people, according to their feelings and actions, incline one way more than the other.”


“In its most profound meaning chess is not strictly a martial game, nor is it one of strategies that win fortuitously by assault and instinct, it is a game-science of ability, skill, intelligence and a great deal of intuition that springs up from the heart.”


“The pawns resemble and have the characteristics of the trotter-soldier or essence that is always called to arms and takes the offensive for whichever mission it is ordered to accomplish. For no reason whatsoever is this heroic soldier-essence permitted to move backwards....”