Extracts of "The Cosmic Guardians"

This book is a true and interesting study in astrocosmology and ufology, which reveals hitherto unheard-of research about this disquieting topic, from the origin of ufology, making an exhaustive study of accurate scientific data, proofs and graphic documents.


“High mountains, extinguished volcanoes and any site that man cannot reach had been and still are used as bases. It has even been said that there are bases inside the geological cracks themselves and tectonic platforms like St Andreas and Motagua Faults, and according to sources close to our studies, secret settlements exist in cities like New York and New Jersey in USA, Guadalaraja in Mexico, Tokyo in Japan and some capitals mainly from America and Europe.”

“Accidents of extraterrestrial ships are not something new; if we do an overall reckoning, we will find data in this respect. In 1967, scientists from the Soviet Union decided to release to the world the outcome of their investigations into the strange events that took place in the Tunguska province, affirming that a cosmic ship was very likely involved in them. This statement was officially made by the Muscovite scientists Alexander Katzansev and Nikolai Kunoski, members of the Committee on Meteorites, who pointed out that at the beginning of the century, a seemingly gigantic ship of extraterrestrial origins weighing approximately half a ton had crashed on the sub polar forests of Central Siberia, causing a great explosion.”

“Many people have always wondered why the press has never published photographs of UFOs accompanying manned flights but this is precisely due to the ignorance and hermeticism of governments. However, they exist as it was later revealed.”

“During its orbiting, the Apollo 8 Capsule commanded by Frank Borman was accompanied by an oval metallic object that did not leave the capsule alone even for one minute and always maintained the same distance. When Apollo 8 abandoned its orbit and went towards the Moon, approaching its surface at a distance of 150kms, the UFO ceased its ‘custody’ and made its way at huge speed towards deep space. From the beginning of the custody of Apollo 8 whilst was orbiting the Earth until its detachment, the UFO presence was captured by scientists in Houston, Texas.”

“It was fully and officially proven that the blackout of New York was produced by an extraterrestrial cosmic ship. As a result of this event, the US government created a scientific department whose obvious aim was researching the matter of flying saucers. It is necessary to recall that moments prior to the blackout, two flying disks were chased by two US fighter planes, armed with powerful missiles. One of the strange aircrafts was lost in the infinite space whereas the other one descended over the electric power plant of Syracuse. Afterwards, the blackout began and these facts were totally proven. The fighter planes armed with missiles were useless so the best weapons in the United States were unsuccessful...”

“Countless experiences in civil, military and commercial aviation are evident, as well as the cases of pilots, flight attendants, passengers, control towers, etc. They have given us the green light with reliable objectivity, which we will never doubt. Videos of interviews with pilots from different airlines endorse our work on extraterrestrial research and trustworthy documents of prestigious contactees are the evidence that we want to present to our dear readers...”

“...The Prime Minister of Granada, a small Caribbean republic, raised his voice in a UN general assembly in order to request that this international organisation should consider UFOs as a phenomenon that concerns the safety of the planet (14 June 1978)...” “On 15 June 1978, during the first official flight of the King and Queen of Spain to China, a singular event occurred. The plane was a DC-8 from Aviaco Airlines called ‘Sorolla’, with around 30 famous journalists and directors of prestigious magazines travelling in it. A great part of them was able to witness a strange ship when they flew over Oriental countries.”