Extracts Tearing the Veil of Mystery

In this book the author presents us with a profound study of Egyptian mythology. This is not just one more book, because within it mythology becomes an instrument of psychic, almic and spiritual development, through the application of its teachings to the process of the transcendental elevation of man.


 “Every true adept of the Isiac Mysteries certainly knows that Isis is above as well as below; in the flower, in the cosmos, in all creation and even in man himself though in a latent state.”

 “Osiris, Isis and Horus are the different spiritual manifestations that nowadays have been forgotten by everyone. These three primary forces have been present since the creation of the Universe and man.”


“When the ego Set dies within us it is decapitated and incinerated in the 49 levels of the sub-consciousness and wisdom, love, peace and the beauty of the soul shine within us.” 

“The process of Osiris was of such magnitude that he was elevated and exalted to the level of Ra, the Sun god, as is registered in the different inscriptions, sepulchres, papyri and the Book of the Dead.”


“Osiris, the supreme and resurrected god is the vital and universal activity whether cosmic or terrestrial and with the visible form of a deity, descends to the world of the dead in order to guide them towards regeneration and finally to resurrection, manifested in the Osirian glory.”


“Horus, the Falcon god and the son of Heaven, succeeded Osiris as Pharaoh King of all Egypt, and thus prevailed a new golden age in the land of the Nile.”


“Thoth, also called Hermes-Mercury, is an unfolding of Anubis. Thoth is the inventor of the alphabet, scribe and notary of the Gods, who registers the good and evil deeds of the disincarnated in the book of accounts.”


“The Anubian Light cast by Anubis the Jackal, is received by the Soul of the deceased in the post-mortem state.”

“It is written in the history of the land of Kem that during the sacred ceremony, the Anubian Light causes “the opening of the eyes” which awakens the consciousness of the deceased in his post-mortem state.”