Extracts "Treatise of Natural Medicine"


This manual provides us with the keys to live in a healthy and intelligent way, it begins with the knowledge of the human organism in order to learn how to use the foods and medicinal plants within our reach, it also reveals to us the causes of certain illnesses and how to treat them.


Ernesto baro. Tratado de medicina naturista“In the science of endocrinology there are two types of glands; the exocrine glands are those which secrete their products through special ducts both into the cavities and bodily organs and out of the body... …the pancreatic gland secretes insulin, which is in charge of regulating the sugar metabolism.”

“Before manifesting in the physical world, there are many illnesses that appear first in the vital body, therefore, it is important to clearly study the seven bodies…”

“Fruit is considered to be the most important of nature’s gifts and therefore the best of foods. It has a recently discovered quality, in that it emits radiations capable of stimulating and developing the living cells with which they come into contact.”

“Water as a therapeutic agent is a powerful healing agent and its use in natural medicine is known as hydrotherapy. In order to obtain satisfactory results, it is necessary to observe the following requirements: the body should be hot when applying the jets of cold water…”

“Many methods have been recommended and used to lose weight and reduce fat, but unless the root of the problem is tackled, they fail. It is advisable to allow the liver to have a rest from fattening foods such as fat, bacon, oils, oil products, milk, cheese, rice, bread, sugar… and of any other energetic food...”

“Elemental-therapy is the simplest way to heal and perform special work. It is necessary to have in-depth knowledge of how to use the elementals in a positive and effective way…”

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