Treatise of Natural Medicine

On this occasion, the writer Ernesto Baron presents us with a book of great interest for the health and psychic-physical wellbeing of man, “Treatise of Natural Medicine”.

This reference book gives us keys to live in a healthy and intelligent way. Simply but thoroughly, its first part deals with the knowledge of the human body, bringing us closer to the study of its wonders, through an exhaustive study of tissues, organs, systems and glands.

Studying proteins, vitamins, minerals and the importance of the different organs and the functions of the human body, the second part of the book teaches us about the components of our food which are the foundation of good health.

In the third part of this remarkable book, the author focuses on the study of the causes of illness and the most important healing systems in existence. Finally, the last part describes how to make the most of food in order to benefit from its nutritional and healing properties.

In addition, the author takes us on a fascinating journey through the different medicinal plants, explaining their action and the effect that they produce in the human body depending on the way they are prepared and to conclude, with the most inner part of these studies, the science of elemental-therapy.

Certainly, this is a true guide that in order to enjoy good health could help us as a book of reference for daily life and also for those who are interested in using natural and healthy ways of healing.