Extracts of "Sunyata"

A few extracts of a wonderful book of great depth and cultural richness that brings us closer to the ancestral wisdom of Vedic and Brahmanic India, to the art of the gunas, tattwas and mantras. It contains profound teachings of the past, present and future that its author wisely unveils, enabling us to put them into practice in our daily life.

For the Buddhists, Shivaists, Vedic and Brahmanic peoples, with respect to the renunciation of desires-Vairagya, which cause so many disturbances and connect with the inferior mind-Manaskana, the best method of self-control or Dama was to keep the mind fixed on their internal aim by every possible means and they did not allow themselves to be governed by it in the slightest.

This is why, now more than ever, it is fundamental to find the true yearning to be different, more responsible, committed, sensible, caring, affectionate and show solidarity in order to enable us to evolve quicker. It is also advisable that we make real, not merely apparent, efforts every day to offer a moment of happiness-Sukkha to those who we say we love. In so doing we will prove that we are acquiring an ascending level of evolution and progress, Dharamchakra.

It is evident that in earlier times, when men were still in their Golden Age-Satyayuga and Silver Age-Tetrayuga, when the light of truth, wisdom and love-Maitri prevailed on Earth, nothing was kept hidden; everything that was done was visible and tangible. This is why, in addition to embodying moral and soul principles, life was happier-Ananda, more communicative, faithful and sincere, because it was known that nothing could be feigned or falsified.

There were also certain gods who shared and transmitted their profound teachings to those lagging behind, such was the case of Shiva, who being a god, manifested himself as an ascetic and so he helped many to evolve. Buddha Shakyamuni did the same later; he lived amongst men and taught the path of compassion.

If slanderous actions oppose the faith and will to improve oneself, that is to say, solidity and conviction, it is a sign that we are not only weak but also vulnerable. Hence, the Brahmins, Tibetans and Zenists manifested such wisdom teaching us that if invulnerability and resistance-Anatman are present, it is because undoubtedly we have a great soul-Mahatma.

The moment that we become more serious, mature and truly balanced, and we cease to compare ourselves, our true evolution-Dharamchakra will begin. We say this because it is thanks to it thatr we will attain the freedom to become what we really are, and not a mere project of what we want to be.

Brahma as the Being of all Beings, is the only one who possesses the immeasurable power to create and create again, but all arises from the fire of the Being, known as Shiva and from the generating energy of Shakti. They are two faces that share the same origin, nourished with Prana, in unison with the Pranayamas, we will undoubtedly attain great progress in the internal work.

Since ancient times, many prayers, chants, hymns and mantras were crystallised in honour of these gods, and many of them have even been kept recorded in texts such as the Upanishads, Rigveda, Vayu Purana, Ramayana, Bhagavad Gita, etc.

"Brahma as the Being of all Beings, is the only one who possesses the immeasurable power to create and create again, but all arises from

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